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The service and attention your household deserves

When it comes to finding the right staff members for your home or business, we are a well-known name that you can trust. Since 1972, we have been a reputable staffing company that upholds a standard of excellence. While we serve all areas of the USA, our main focus is on The Hamptons, Florida, and the TriState.

Al Martino Private Chefs International Agency

Private Chefs

Delivering Culinary Excellence in the Hamptons, Florida, TriState and beyond…

The Al Martino Agency has more than 42 years of experience staffing homes and businesses with quality professionals.

We are unmatched when it comes to making the right choices and our New York City Metro Area personal chefs go through a rigorous selection process. With a background in domestic and hospitality services, our interviewing agents know how to detect the most qualified candidates from among the rest.

Private Chefs

The Expertise

Successful in the commercial and private ends of this burgeoning business, Al Martino remains faithful to the founding principles of his firm, his family, and his life. For making the right match – whether a professional chef, an estate manager, a butler, or domestic staffing – Alfred Martino is unmatched.

About Al Martino Agency

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