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Growing up in Atlantic City, New Jersey, seventeen-year-old Alfred Martino enthusiastically entered the business world to make a name for himself. He did so with the ethics etched upon his family crest ~Fide et Fortudine~ and faith and fortitude have been the foundation on which he has carved an exemplary career.

​Cultivating a sense of style and sensitivity to the needs of others, Martino gained skills at the ground floor while working as a waiter. He quickly rose through the ranks to become captain, and eventually, to become dining room manager in plush hotels like the Ritz Carlton, the Shelburne, and Haden Hall-the most exclusive of the day-in that resort community.

From this auspicious start, Martino made his way into banquet sales and in human resources, where he found his niche. Later, his reputation and professionalism propelled him forward, and his career flourished at the fabulous Eden Roc, the Fountainbleu, and the Ivanhoe in Miami Beach, and at the Drake Hotel in Philadelphia.

In the mid-sixties, Martino set his sights on New York, where he landed a position at Hotelman’s Agency, under the direction of Mr. Joseph Fraunces and Mr. Fred Rufe. He prospered there, until venturing on his own in 1972.
Nothing succeeds like success, and many matches followed this fortuitous one. At that time, Mrs. Whitney had about 40 people in staff, and whenever the situation arose, she relied on Martino to find the right people to meet the needs of her household. As a result, Martino made a major foray into the domestic end of the industry, for the rich and famous followed the example set by Mrs. Whitney.

Today, affluent American families and fine professionals who make a difference in their lives continue to rely on Martino’s insight and successful track record in the culinary and domestic service industries.

The sun truly shines on Alfred Martino and those he represents-and for good reason. Successful in the commercial and private ends of this burgeoning business, Martino remains faithful to the founding principles of his firm, his family, and his life. For in making the right match-whether a professional chef, an estate manager, a butler, or domestic staffing-Alfred Martino is unmatched.

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