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Greenwich, CT, a locale synonymous with opulence and meticulously kept estates, requires household staffing that reflects its high standards of living. Every home is a bastion of comfort and luxury, demanding professionals who are not only skilled but also highly discreet and efficient. This is where excellence in household staffing in Greenwich, CT, becomes crucial. Whether it’s managing a large estate or providing personalized service in a more intimate residence, the right staff can transform a house into a smoothly running haven. For those in Greenwich seeking the best, our household staffing solutions ensure that your home is a perfect reflection of the lifestyle you cherish.

We provide household staffing in the following categories:

  • Private Chefs
  • Estate Managers / Butlers
  • House Managers/Housekeepers
  • Gardeners/Horticulturists
  • Chauffeurs
  • Personal Assistants
Let us find the best household staff for you!

Each candidate that we represent goes through a rigorous selection process where we assess their skills, work ethic, background, recommendations, and more to ensure that they are of the highest caliber in their field. Our goal is to provide you with the best possible fit for your home or business and to meet all your staffing needs. If you are searching for a quality domestic staff, allow us to assist you.

We are proud to offer staffing throughout the following locations:


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