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When people hear about Mediterranean diet, they often mistake it for Mediterranean cuisine. Although the two share the same roots originating from the various cultures around the Mediterranean sea the Mediterranean diet veers off to a less meat, more fish, fruits, vegetables, nuts and beans direction.

​One of the fundamental building components of developing a distinct Mediterranean flavor is olive oil. Olive oil is pressed from olives, Olea europaea, fruits of the olive trees native to the countries of the Mediterranean basin. It can be used for cooking or added to vegetables and salads as dressing.

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​Dr. Angelo Acquista, M.D. wrote two books on the subject, The Mediterranean Family Table and The Mediterranean Prescription. According to Dr. Acquista, the diet reduces the risk of many diseases, among them Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, breast cancer, just to name a few.

In his books, Dr. Acquista offers abundant information on the subject and prescribes a two-stage diet: an introductory weight loss stage and a maintenance meal plan. He assures that not only will those who follow his recipes lose weight and see results immediately they will kick bad habits, such as sugar/junk food addiction, as well. The maintenance meal plan will help solidify the new improved diet providing long-term health benefits. Dr. Acquista‘s books can be ordered through

Recognizing the growing demand for chefs able to master the Mediterranean cuisine, the Al Martino Agency specializes in finding the best of the best that can create delicious meals for the clients while providing an overall healthy style of cooking, as well. Certified dietitians and nutritionists are also available for families with special dietary needs.

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