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Delivering Culinary Excellence in New York City and beyond...

The Al Martino Agency has more than 42 years of experience staffing homes and businesses with quality professionals.

We are unmatched when it comes to making the right choices and our New York City Metro Area personal chefs go through a rigorous selection process. With a background in domestic and hospitality services, our interviewing agents know how to detect the most qualified candidates from among the rest.

Selecting the Right Chefs - Our Specialty

Our chefs come from around the world and we can match them with the specific taste and dietary lifestyle of you and your family. From small intimate parties to large formal events, these private chefs can accommodate events of any size.

Available Cuisine Style :

These​ are just a few of the popular World Cuisines
Spa Cuisine
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Al Martino Agency recruits outstanding chefs from all over the world who specialize in Mediterranean cuisine and a healthy lifestyle of cooking

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