Top Six Reasons to Hire a Private or Personal Chef

For the lucky few, being able to consider hiring household staff is a deliberation most people will never experience. If you find yourself weighing up the benefits of a full-time Private Chef, then it’s always worth finding out why they’re a worthy investment. However, even if you’re not in the market for household hospitality, you can likely afford the luxury of a Personal Chef should the occasion call for it. Our blog post discussed the cost and value of hiring a Private or Personal chef, but this blog is going to focus on the top six benefits that make your investment worthwhile.

1. Time is a commodity

In today’s busy world, even the most organised people need a little help from time to time, and mealtimes are an especially important occasion to spend with family, guests or clients. Both private and personal chefs will take away the stress of buying, prepping and cooking a meal, leaving you to enjoy the company of those around the dinner table. They will even help you tidy up afterwards!

2. Save on costs

Alcohol is expensive! On average, it costs twice the amount if you buy it at a restaurant versus your local supermarket. If you’re throwing a party or having guests over, it’s usually customary that they bring a bottle or two with them, further saving on costs; and a private or personal chef will often have product suppliers they can utilize, meaning you can procure produce at cost. Having discussed the menu and set a budget for the groceries with your chef beforehand, you are in control of your expenditure, so make sure you’re honest and clearly communicate your budgetary wishes.

3. Reduced risks

Even the most organised and au-fait party throwers can’t eradicate human error. Life sometimes just gets in the way. If it’s just you at home, the risks may simply involve potential hazards and food poisoning. If that’s the case, it’s good to know that personal and private chefs need to meet basic health and food safety standards before they can work with you. However, if you’re throwing a party – perhaps for a birthday milestone or important client meeting – or you just need an evening to go perfectly, hiring those in the know greatly reduces the risk of anything going wrong. Private and personal chefs have been in the culinary game for a long time. They know all about timings, the intricate workings of even the most complicated ovens, and most importantly: how to fix or whip up something else if the first attempt at that soufflé doesn’t go as planned…

4. Your dietary needs are met

Pescatarians, vegetarians, vegans, allergy sufferers and anyone else with dietary requirements need not worry. One of the main jobs of a private or personal chef is to serve you with the food you want and need. Once you’ve decided on a menu together, your chef will shop for the ingredients required to make the delicious dishes. They will also buy those required ingredients locally, ensuring quality and freshness, which means the meal that ends up on your plate is guaranteed not to harm you.

5. Restaurant quality without the restaurant experience

For some, this won’t necessarily sound like a benefit. However, if you’ve ever been to a restaurant that serves your favourite cuisine and ended up having a terrible experience, then the thought of having your favoured food made in your very own kitchen will seem like a dream come true. For starters, forget about screaming children, potentially bad service and a menu that may or may not cater for your dietary needs. A private or personal chef eradicates the down-sides to eating out, including the journey home on a full stomach. For example, once you’ve finished your meal, you can just head upstairs to bed! But if bed is the last thing on your mind, then you don’t have to worry about the restaurant closing. The party stops when you say it does!

6. Food Friends

This one may seem slightly mushy, but one of wonderful benefits of hiring a private or personal chef is their company! If they’re a private chef, they’ll likely become a part of the family before long (food has a way of bonding people…) And if you’re hiring a personal chef, you’ll be getting a friendly culinary expert who’s happy to be in your house and out of a notoriously stressful work environment. You may even be allowed in on a few trade secrets…

Whatever your reasons for hiring a private or personal chef, be sure to find the right person for the job. For hints and tip on choosing you perfect chef, read our blog here.

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